Project Approach

Ed Wojcik Architect, Ltd. has been involved with Housing Authority projects since the start of the firm in 1998. We work together with the Owner to prioritize their needs in order to balance the programmatic requirements with the budget. In planning the phasing of the projects, we are sensitive to the Contractor’s need to work as efficiently as possible, while maintaining a safe site with as little disruption as possible to the tenant’s use of the facility.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Our approach begins with the Surveying of existing conditions for the Scope of Work as defined by the Owner. We utilize our consultants to begin assessing the design needs of the various components of the work simultaneously. We will provide an initial review of Code related items that need to be addressed, and brainstorm on phasing construction with the team, so as not to interrupt the daily routine of all the tenants. With these guidelines, we then come up with an approach to tackle the scheduling and budgetary requirements for completion and make recommendations to the Owner.

Conceptual Design Development

The next step is to develop general design elements and the program scope of the projects. Consultants will start developing initial drawings, and coordination of components begins. We begin development of budget pricing to determine if any areas need to be scaled back. The Schedule for Construction is further developed during this phase as well. At the conclusion of Design Development, we meet with the Owner to review the preliminary design as well as the budget.

Construction Documents

After the general design is agreed upon, the start of the fine details for the Construction Documents begins. Thorough coordination with our consultants is the key to a successful project. We approach the Construction Documents as the opportunity to think through the coordination details to ensure a smoother construction process. When design decisions need to be made, we are in constant contact with the Owner, providing details through 3D rendering and sample boards to help the Owner visualize the end results when needed. When the plans have developed enough, Ed Wojcik Architect will meet with the Fire Department and Building Department to ensure the code related items are in agreement with the officials, reducing the areas of question that too often affect the completion schedule and budget.

Bidding and Procurement

We coordinate the bid process with the Contractors, including distribution of bidding materials, fielding questions from Contractors, and issuing addendums if needed. Our office tabulates the bids and assists the Owner with the Contractor interviews while reviewing the bids, making recommendations based on the interview process, and assisting with the permitting process as well.

Construction Administration

We meet regularly with the Owner and Contractor to review all the Construction Administrative needs of the project including: Site observations, field reports, applications for payment, schedule, budget, as well as issuing any further clarifications of questions that may arise. Our office coordinates with the Consultants for the Submittal and Shop Drawing reviews. Additionally, we also manage the final punchlist items for Owner Occupancy, thus further ensuring a quality end product.