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Our commercial client base includes Lin Television Corporation, East Greenwich Yacht Club, Centreville Savings Bank and many others. By careful investigation of the way these entities work, we are able to design spaces which improve and enhance their environments, often with unique and unexpected design solutions.

Educational buildings provide a unique challenge to create spaces which enhance the learning environment for students of all levels and provide a flexible environment for the educator to work in. Our firm’s experience working with local colleges, universities, and charter schools has allowed us to develop the fast-track design and drawing development skills necessary to meet these organizations’ needs.





Our firm has been involved in the design of many multifamily developments, both new construction and adaptive reuse. We often provide developers with several options for a specific site to determine the best solution. These projects range from townhouse-style and single level apartment style dwellings to mixed commercial and residential use developments.

Working with local community development organizations, we design and rehabilitate structures which provide efficient housing for families in need and improve the neighborhoods in which they are located. Our firm’s commitment to positive development is apparent by the quantity of affordable housing projects we are involved in.


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